Daguerreotype image in Hanoi

Everyone who knows me certainly knows as well that I'm not inclined to be a person dealing with dangerous things. But once in a while, especially with a good friend it is easy and fun to use some chemicals, which can be dangerous. Taking some copper plates and coating them with silver , getting out with an old style housing, preparing, composing and developing one shot - or three as we did, can be fun. This is the real difference between crafting and making a photograph in comparison to just snapping away.

The exposure can take as long as fifteen minutes, but in adding silver halides and a good Schneider lens we could drop everything below one minute.

The developing process over mercury was a little dangerous, but dueable. Afterwards my friend manually hand painted the image. I took a digital photo of it to post it on top. Has been a great and eventful day.

Knock knock

Image in motion