CamRanger in action

 Blossom in the gardens of Hanoi

Blossom in the gardens of Hanoi

This year on Christmas I made myself a fine Christmas present - a Cam Ranger. The CamRanger is a system which I can connect via Wifi to my Nikon camera system. With the app I can control nearly everything and not the least due to the touch screen as well the focus when taking videos.

As I hadn't had time in between it was the first time I could test it today. As I shouted out to have a photo walk with the Hanoi Photo Club getting some images about the Kumquat fields around Hanoi and the Tet (Vietnamese New Year) inspired activity there I thought it a good opportunity to take my Nikon with the 14 to 24mm lens on a monopod to test the setting.

I was quite impressed how easy I could get the connection and how well it worked out. I put the monopod to its full hight, put the end in my Jeans pocket and could get quite some interesting angles to shoot. At it was just playing around to see what is possible I think there are some possibilities to get it to good use. 

Will see to get a steady cam with an option to mount either my iPhone or even better the iPad on it for some serious video shooting. Here some of the images I took today.

Image in motion

Hazardous times for pedestrians