Tet Market in Hanoi

 Temple at the Cathedral of Hanoi

Temple at the Cathedral of Hanoi

Today I was walking around Hanoi's TET Markets. Starting at one of the temples as you can see in the above image I walked from this place around Hoan Kiem towards Mang Ma street and further.

Market prices are likely to increase  by 10% during the lunar New Year (Tet) holiday, according to the Hanoi Municipal Department for Industry and Trade.


At present, there’s a rising price of rice due to growing demands on the Hanoi market and a 10-20% decrease in rice output in the summer-autumn crop. Hanoi has 47 flower markets for Tet, including 17 markets in districts of inner Hanoi and 30 in districts in the outskirts. Traditional flower markets that continue to highlight the season's customary beauty and colours include the market at the corner of Hang Luoc and Hang Ma streets in Hoan Kiem district, Quang An flower market in Tay Ho district and the nearby market at Xuan Dieu street and Nghi Tam flower village.

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