shadow on the street

shadow on the street

The word above describes in one word what I mostly like about street photography.


For photographers the streets of a city are a marvelous opportunity as there are so many things happening, even within a small neighborhood. Photography allows us to freeze those moments and study all of the small dramas that are taking place.

 a journey with no end

a journey with no end


There is an abundance of excellent street photographs to be made and readily available in every public space. sometimes our mind and our eyes are getting blind as we are over-familiar with our daily seen environment. Due to this reason we often miss out on scenes and moments unfolding in front of us.


The so called decisive moment, which everyone describes to the street photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson  is often missed and we don’t trust our instincts enough and most of the time lack the patience. 

street high.jpg


There are some tips which might help to be a better observer and street photographer. for one thing you have to get over your fear, be confident and get close to your subject. Using your camera as a mirror of society will help you tremendous to get this kind of unreal, witty and dramatic-looking shots.


Here are some things I do when I go out to do some street photography:


1. Plan a route

I have a street photography route. It’s, as I live in Hanoi, mostly the Old Quarter. Here are the places with the most people. The alleys are very narrow and cramped with tourists and Vietnamese alike. That’s an easy way to get close and overcome the fear of approaching strangers.  


2. How to avoid being spotted when shooting street scenes

Wear dark clothes. Or dress like a tourist. Take a smaller camera and not a big DSLR with a big lens.

Keep your elbows in when shooting.

Have the camera set. Be ready to shoot and go.

Take the camera with you everywhere. 


3. Choose interesting street photography subjects

There is always a chance to see some interesting characters. Be patient, look around and wait for the right moment. 

4. Always carry your camera

I can't stress this no more. Most of the time you see something which would be great to capture but than you need your equipment.

5. Work fast, shoot from different angles, use a slightly wide angle lens

You have to be familiar with your gear. Set your camera before you take the image. To freeze it you have to have a certain fast shutter speed. Go for an aperture of f8 it is quite reasonable to get a better chance of getting the image. 

6. Be unobtrusive

I think trying to remain unobtrusive as opposed to unseen is important. People become more suspicious if you try to take pictures sneakily or if you look nervous, whereas if you act as though you’re doing your job and you project a more positive body language, then you’re less likely to encounter problems.

There are for certain many different more points, tips and ideas how to become a better street photographer. There are many books and some good websites you might like to visit to see some real good street photography. Here two links:

iN-Public and SP - Street Photographers


Now here a bunch of images I took in different locations.

street two.jpg
street green.jpg
street animal.jpg
street low.jpg
street rest.jpg
street war.jpg
street end.jpg

Tet Market in Hanoi

Just before TET ( Vietnamese New Year)