Mid-Autumn festival in Hanoi

The Mid-Autumn festival a traditional and special occasion
for young adults, children and families has been hold here in Hanoi.

In these days, the old quarter of Hanoi was crowded with people over people participating in the full-moon festival. The overall
atmosphere as colorful as you can imagine with hundreds of star-shaped lanterns, gifts and
decorations, on various
stalls was amazing.

The majority of the crowd is normally young people and many of them dress up and get their photos taken. Yesterday in the aftermath of the festivities there was a religious event at the little turtle island at Hoan Kiem Lake. In contrast all elderly woman, dressed up in traditional costume and performing dances and chants at the temple on the island. Here some impressions.

Hoan Kiem-2.jpg
Hoan Kiem-3.jpg
Hoan Kiem-4.jpg
Hoan Kiem-5.jpg
Hoan Kiem-6.jpg
Hoan Kiem-7.jpg
Hoan Kiem-9.jpg
Hoan Kiem-10.jpg

Underground in Hanoi?

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