Hoan Kiem Lake

 get your bearings at Hoan Kiem Lake

get your bearings at Hoan Kiem Lake

Hoan Kiem Lake lies at the core of Hanoi it is a really beautiful oasis inside Hanoi  a place where past and present is tied up in this scenic body of water.

It is as you will most probably see a very popular stop for wedding couples having there photos taken. If you are here in the morning, or at some other time in the late afternoon, you’ll find all kind of fitness buffs' doing their workouts.

Hanoi can be at its most charming here: men playing Chinese chess on benches, couples getting glamour shots in full wedding regalia, joggers and walkers and all of it against the beautiful backdrop of the lake's waters.

This is one of Hanoi's key landmarks, a useful point of reference for getting your bearings around the city. If you are lost you’ll find your way from here.

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