Myanmar adventure - on to Mandalay

So far so good we arrived at a bus station going to every corner to the north of Myanmar. My newly met friend did a really useful thing. He didn’t just bring me to the bus station but he got me as well to the right bus and bought a ticket for me for much cheaper I myself would have got it.

There is not much to be said about the bus trip to Mandalay as I slept or dozed most of the time and arrived after 14 hours at the outskirts of Mandalay City.

finding a good home stay place happened to be very easy and I actually made it my kind of "headquarter" as I stayed in the area going to U-Bein bridge, Amarapura and to Kuthodaw Pagoda as well known as "The Worlds biggest book".

Chuong - Hat maker village

Communal house - Nha rong