More about rain - torrential rain

 Trying to get some contact after the heavy rain fall

Trying to get some contact after the heavy rain fall

A terrible (or may be lucky) thing happened during the last days: It rained – torrential rain.

Well, not quite all day, but enough that it got to give me a headache. Today a meeting was scheduled with the members of Hanoi Photo Club about some basics like what is the meaning about A, Av, S, Tv and all the other little abbreviations you might find on your camera. When and where to use them, and what advantage of different modes.

It seems if legendary Taifun floods where washing over the Hoan Kiem Lake area. “Now, this is actually an opportunity,” I thought huddled under a roof. I most likely looked as a drowned rat myself. It was still some time before our meeting, which was hold in a coffee shop. We had a short time talking about the mentioned basics before going out and put them to action.

Then something wonderful happened: The sun came out and everyone was happy to walk along the shores of Hoan Kiem Lake and taking different kind of images.

Nevertheless, coming home and looking at my bounty I liked the images in the rain and will post them here and give you a few tips you should think about shooting in rain:

Carry a cover for your camera. There are so many different rain covers for camera gear on the market. One problem is having it with you when it starts to rain. Simple but effective in many wet situations is just a plastic bag with an opening for your lens. This will do a passable job of keeping your camera dry. Punch a hole in one end to poke the lens through and stick your hand in the other end.

Do as I did in between, stay under a dry spot and wait for the pictures to come to you.  Or take a taxi, a car, a bus and shoot from inside. This is often the best and only practical answer. You can roll down the window and stay pretty dry.

Watch for reflections. It is often very difficult to actually see the rain itself. Give some visual clues that it is raining. If possible try to backlight the rain. Rain becomes more visible when it is backlit. So find some light sources and shoot toward it, like oncoming motorbikes and cars as well as streetlights if it is getting darker.

Otherwise there are good images to get in showing people struggling and wrestling with the natural forces. When it literally rains cats and dogs you have as well the opportunity to see a rare theater right before you waiting to be captured.

So I encourage you to embrace once in a while the rain, cover yourself and your camera and start shooting!

That’s it for now. I’ll show you some of my images in the rain and hope it get you inspired!

signs, signs, signs

Heavy rain in Hanoi