Images at different times

Today's meeting of the Hanoi Photo Club to get some light trail images got a lucky surplus of lighting weather on top. We all had a great time, get some good images, had fun and as well some lucky shots. Lucky as the weather turned and the clouds get in very dark and lighting started to give the scene a surreal feeling. I tried to get some good shots as I took images of the traffic and the cart light rails we want to get but this didn't work out. Luckily I had another camera put up to get some time lapse footing and there I got the shots I couldn't get otherwise. here three images at arriving at the scene, after some time the sun set and than the lighting shot. thanks to all participants and the fun we had.

Hanoi Panorama take one

Hanoi Panorama take two

Hanoi panorama take three

District No. 9

Light trails - Long exposure