Hanoi Wedding photogs

Looking for wedding photographers in Hanoi you will get a bunch of hits on the internet and in real you find most of them taking shots at some of the city’s beautiful sites like the banks of Hoan Kiem Lake and West Lake, which are perennial favorites.

 couple during some pre wedding shots at Hoan Kiem lake

couple during some pre wedding shots at Hoan Kiem lake

These photographers try to get timeless mementos of the love between new husbands and wives and their united hope for future happy families.

I was around the Hoan Kiem lake and found it quite interesting to take images of the Wedding photogs themselves. Most of the couples are wearing more traditional Vietnamese attire where others seems to be a lot more flamboyant on their wedding day. As my post is not intended to show of the couples but the photogs I just included two shots.

 dreaming couple on the pavement  

dreaming couple on the pavement  

This seems to be an ever-growing industry and they just got a message they must have horrified them at the end of last year.

The Communist Party in Vietnam's capital, Hanoi, says it has banned members from holding lavish wedding parties following public complaints. In this directive the government limits the number of guests of each family to 300 and a single wedding party to hosting no more than 600 guests.

Luxury venues such as five-star hotels should be avoided, the rules say.

Walking around Hoan Kiem Lake it seems that didn’t reduce the fever in getting married and the photogs shoot as always …


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