Thu Bon River in Vietnam, Hoi An

 Hoi An lantern reflection after the rain

Hoi An lantern reflection after the rain

A visitor to Hoi An told me: “A visit to this old trading post would not be complete without a boat excursion on the gentle River”.

Water ways in general are an important part of Vietnam as a whole. The Thu Bon River in Hoi An had played an important role in history. The town, which was better known as Fai Fo in the days of antiquity, is situated on the banks of this river. This river has been the chief source of livelihood for many residents of the town for centuries.

The Thu Bon River in Hoi An is the largest in Quang Nam Province. The touristic settlement has been a great fishing town and a popular international trade destination. Trade was thriving here from the 16th to the 18th centuries. Traders and merchants chose to settle along the river shore. It is believed that in those days the river had a larger estuary area that facilitated trade and communication, which are indicated by the formation of the bays and shores made of sandbanks and guarded by lagoons.

When the evening comes, the surface of the river glistens under the fading sunlight and the upcoming moonlight. Just come here and you will feel the pure atmosphere of a bustling town and the beauty of the landscape and river in the evening!

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