Hung Shing Festival

Friends of mine in Hong Kong organized a trip for me to see the Hung Shing festival. This festival is held on the 13th day of the second lunar month each year in honor of the historical figure Hung Hei who once upon a time had been a respected Chinese official. It is said that he was an astronomer and geographer who working as governor of Panyu in Guangdong province in the time of the Tang dynasty.

He was later on deified for the service rendered by him towards the merchants’ and fishermen of the province by making use of his extraordinary ability of predicting the weather.

 Lion Dancers excersing before the big event

Lion Dancers excersing before the big event

The festival celebrates the birthday of Hung Shing Tai Wong, the God of the Southern sea. Temples all over the South China coast worship and savor him for centuries. The celebrations are full of song and dance and very colorful. Dragon and lion dance performances parade the streets while various games and competitions are organized as well.

Festivities are particularly lively in the Ho Sheung Heung, a village that is believed to exist now over 800 years. The Hau Ku Shek Ancestral Hall is certainly one of the places apart from Hung Shing Temple where all this ancient remains can be found.

A great performance of Chinese opera, or Sun Kung Hei, which can be translated as Opera Performances for the Deities is held in a bamboo theatre just build for this event.  Apart from this big official part there are as well the following celebrations:  : Chinese martial arts shows,  Fa Pau Competetion (firecracker competition) and a Thousand People Bowl Meal.

So if you are here next year in this time frame don’t miss it.

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