Jam Session at Millenium - Cafe des Arts

Ready to check out a jam session? There's much more to jazz music—and to the "session" in particular—than meets the eye.

There might have been some loony’s talking about the jazz night at Café des Art in Hanoi that would just die. The present owner started this jazz sessions some time ago and the event has retained its attraction since than.

I like to say that "The act of making improvised music is not a sterile act" and the Café des Arts is not a sterile place. It is kind of perfect for Domino Jazz Band and I am just perfect and glad to have been a part of that -- and it's still going, thank goodness.

Jean Dominique has the lineup at sax and the sax added just the right touch, filling a vocal space in the sonic landscape  yesterday I actually prefer to actual vocals. You can close your eyes and just kind of feel the music without having to decipher the words. And let's face it, jazz lyrics are rarely that complex. Jazz has always been more about feelings than words.

Putting the melody lines aside, the solos from all the guys in the band were amazing, just like many times before. Unlike the last time I checked in, there was multiple guests performing along especially a couple of guest vocalists. This is an open jazz jam, and I was glad to see this element had grown.

The crowd size has also grown, be reminded not packed, but there was a solid crowd for a thursday night, and most people seemed to stay from beginning to end.

If you're a jazz fan, then this is one of the venues in Hanoi. Café des Art is a great venue to hear jazz, and the Jazz Jam is free. The show starts at least at 8 p.m. and ends around midnight, so you can get up for work the next day. No excuses get out there.

For more information you can get the contact at:

Tel: +84 (4) 38 287 207

Email : infos@cafedesarts.com

Address :

11B ngo Bao Khanh, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi

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