Mountain of flowers

Near Bagan you can find a landscape like out of a film scene. The spiritual headquarter to Myanmars infamous “37 Nat”.

This place is called Mount Popa and is situated not far from the cultural and archaeological site of Bagan. The name is derived from Pali, a Burmese word for flower. So you can think of this places as of the Mountain of flowers. This place has been known as the home of all spirits, called nats. In fact actually the home of 37 nats who are said to live in a monastery situated in the crater of an extinct volcano at an altitude of about 1,518 metres.

These Nats have different attitudes some of them are very peaceful, including spirits of trees, rivers, snakes; some of them keep the spirits of people who have met a violent or tragic death, and can therefore wreak destructive vengeance on people who annoy them and the significance of these nats in the life of modern Burmese people is still very high.

Bagan plane - or plane Bagan

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