Model posing

On Sunday we had a workshop about portrait shooting and posing and I emphasized the point, that women and men are, as everyone knows, different. And in posing as well. As women have a lot of curves it should be obvious to point this out and to show it in an image as well. 

There is quite a good stance where the model can put her weight just on one foot and push out her hip quite to a considerable extent. The spine will not be in a 90 degree angle to her stand and the whole pose looks more natural even if the original stance seems a little bit awkward and silly.

sometimes all explaining is going for nuts and so showing is the thing to do and so I did. One of my fellow photographers (Michela Dupasquier) got a good catch of my posing efforts and put it together. So you can see me make the models love and even some different curves which I can show off.

Have fun!


 pop your hip out .... (photo taken by Michela Dupasquier)

pop your hip out .... (photo taken by Michela Dupasquier)

Portraits on the Christmas Market

Portrait shooting