Jewellery Communal House - Dinh Kim Ngan

Walking around the Old Quarter in Hanoi, Vietnam, I came once more to one of the old heritage houses. This house looks like a temple but actually is according to the stele set up in 1783 a craftsmen house.

It seems that here was actually the first silver bullion workshop in Thang Long capital. Not long after more craftsmen arrived to market their products like gold and silver carved jewelry. In later years from 1890 onward it changed to be used for money exchange purposes until the French colonialist came in. Later use was for social gatherings and religious practice.

After 1954 a great number of families used it as settlement until 2009. So four years ago about 25 households with approx. members were moved to other places. Breaking down rebuild or restoration was the question. In the end it was not demolished but restored with restorative techniques.

This heritage is quite new in Vietnam but has been applied to other specific monuments and buildings. After all the systematically repair of all deterioration the original structure were kept in order to keep maximum authenticity. Worth a visit what we did with some members of the Hanoi Photo Club. today there was a painter using ink in the traditional way. He happened to speak as well french and I could get some information about his technique, that he is painting now more than fifty years and a little bit of his own history. Here are some images to give you an expression and a short video file of the painter.

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