Street Art in Hanoi

In most countries it starts with a squiggle, some streaks, words and alike on abandoned buildings. Coming another time at the same place there might be another squiggle, some words, until a once-blank wall is transformed into a painting. And once in a while the tag from the author marks the final touch.

Here in Hanoi there are not many places where you can find this kind of art but there are some places. There have been different kind of images and texts on the wall and once in a while this makeshift canvas will be wiped clean, so the process can begin again.

It's the nature of this kind of art: spontaneous, public, fleeting.

A lot of people round the world are inspired under others by Banksy, the British street artist known for his street exhibits. I couldn’t up to now find the artists doing the work here in Hanoi so I can't tell if he inspires them as well.

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