Wet Markets in Hong Kong

A very common and really bustling sight in Hong Kong are the nowadays-dwindling wet markets. They still aren't a rare sight, but sometimes they can get a bit intimidating—especially when you don’t know how to navigate around different markets. The streets and floors are mostly slippery and wet, many foreigners are in a way shocked by whole animal carcasses hanging on hooks and some are avoiding the markets altogether.

But a journey through the wet market can be a rewarding photographic experience. All the colors, the different textures, the old and new in opposition as well as the characters at these markets are quite marvelous.

You can find two types of wet markets in Hong Kong: the indoor markets, which are fitted as well with a food center; and the pedestrian-friendly open-air ones in busy and bustling side streets. In any case, you'll find in either your basic fruit or veggie stalls and not to forget the butcher and fish shops.

Fresh and seasonal products are displayed in colorful heaps from baby ginger to loose-leafed veggies to dried food.  

In my opinion Hong Kong’s markets are among the liveliest, vibrant places in Asia. They’re the core of old communities, places where local residents come daily to shop for everything from salad to chili pepper, if you see them haggling over prices or just talking about their daily endeavors it’s a sight worth to go and see as you never know how long they might remain.

Here some random images and a clip to give you some impressions.


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