Shooting "Working woman" from the hip

Shooting from the hip is a method of shooting without always looking through the viewfinder as the title suggest from the hip or at least from a lower position than standing and looking through the viewfinder.

Despite the uncertainty that it can bring it is a tool for photographers to get with chance, timing and an unobtrusive way to document communities in the street.

Not bringing the viewfinder up to the eye enables to capture natural moments without the subjects reacting to the camera so obviously. This is surely one of the reasons why this technique is popular because it can help you to take more candid images of people, because they don’t assume you are taking images at all.

As I found out out, framing while shooting in this way can be very difficult at the beginning. For every shot you take, you will probably only get once in a while ”respectably” framed images.

When I started shooting this way I made sure that my images were in-focus in setting my camera at an aperture of f8 and pre focused on about 3m in front of me. So I had just to judge how close the people had to be to take a decent sharp image.

Today I took my analog camera wit a 24mm lens, a 36 Kodak Tmax 400 b/w film and got in the end at least 21 decent images of a my self appointed project:

Working woman in Hanoi

Nước chấm - Fish sauce - makes a fishy cocktail?

First photo walk 2013