Where to find and where to buy

Some of the original 36 streets in the Old Quarter are not just for the pleasure of tourists but as well a good trip to visit for a lot of things you might need. Here are some suggestions.


You need some color to paint? Or polish, filler, brushes? You can most probably find everything you need in Hang Hom nearest Hang Quat street. The other half will have some souvenirs waiting for your guest when they visit the Old Quarter.

hang giay.jpg

Hàng Giay and Hàng Buòm

Candy, chocolate, buscuits, dried fruit and more calorie heavy things can be found here.

hang ma.jpg

Stationary can be found in the section between Hang Ga and Phung Hung.

lan ong.jpg

The name of this famous physician will lead you to traditional medecine. Goij berries, ginseng, longevity mushrooms and much more to cure a lot of ails can be found here.

pho tich stamps.jpg

Stamps and souvenirs for sell.

ta hien.jpg

Hungry and thirsty after shopping tha you might find some food and a lot of drinks around bia hai corner in the Old Quarter in this street.


Bia Hoi Corner

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