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Events over the past years always have cast an unflattering light on media freedom in Vietnam. Vietnam's expats often post news stories about their adopted country through their Face book profiles, and despite the restrictions, word spread quickly about nearly everything. Most foreigners tend to dismiss all media in the country as propaganda and Vietnam surely has significant restrictions on press freedom.

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But there’s more to the media in Vietnam than just a straightforward government monopoly and coverage. Though all media is state owned, and thus state controlled there are different papers owned by different bodies.

And if you walk through Hanoi you nearly see at everywhere people reading a newspaper. The will have various reasons. To latest researches on this subject there is a list of some of these reasons and some well-accepted perceptions stated below:

• For Information and Interpretation of Public Affairs: The 'serious' side of newspaper coverage

• To provide a framework for Daily Living: events, advertisements and alike

• For respite: The relaxation or entertainment value of the daily newspaper.

• For social contact: Human interest stories, personal advice columns, gossip

• To feel reassured of their position & existence in their environment

• Plain habit is astonishingly an important reason for many to read a newspaper.

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