Jazz at the Cafe des Arts near Hoan Kiem Lake

On January 10th, I attended Domino Jazz Band which plays at the Café des Arts in Hanoi on a regular basis. The ambiance was fairly relaxed with well-dressed, talkative patrons chatting over music.

The trio began the set with some standard jazz music in moderate tempo. The major tonality gave it a light and happy feel. In the sax solo, Dominique would double notes at times while the walking bass kept time. The guitar and bass solos exhibited short runs up and down their respective ranges, jumps and polyrhythm  notes.

The flute was an interesting contrast from the strums of the electric guitar and the low tones of the bass guitar. Many of the pieces the band played were standards with a unique twist and the flute provided a nice contrast in sound from the melodious alto sax from piece to piece.  You have to experience it yourself!

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