Three and more

What I like about street photography is that I sometimes see more after I have taken the original image as on spot. I like to try techniques as shooting from the hip and these techniques are giving different results for sure. There are so many things about a city and more things are happening than anyone can possible register when looking trough the viewfinder. To freeze these moments and study all the small dramas taking place at the moment I was in the street is awesome, funny and exciting.

Here are a bunch of photos in which I gave myself the task to photograph any motorbike action when the bike had more than three things to transport.

In my opinion you need to have a theme when you go out and shoot in the streets. It is mandatory if you hope to achieve something more than accidental. Otherwise you are just taking random images.

Normally I take a wide lens something from 14 to 50 mm to go as close as possible in order to be right in the action. This is quite the traditional way, but sometimes I try to do something totally different taking a longer lens and experimenting with it. Not in order to be voyeuristic, even if a longer lens will most probably give you that feeling, but to try it different approaches. Today I took my 105 mm macro lens in order to get my shots and on the same time be save from the tumultuous traffic hassle in Hanoi, here they are

" non la" - a piece of Vietnam

Red flags in Hanoi for the 67th time