Duong Lam - Ancient Village

Duong Lam Village is situated in Ha Tay Province about 60 km west of Hanoi. The village is known as a place of laterite with houses aged up to 400 years. After the recognition of Hoi An ancient town and Hanoi old quarter, Duong Lam was recognized as a national relic in 2005.

Duong Lam Commune has relics as Mia Pagoda, Phung Hung Temple, Ngo Quyen Temple and Mong Phu communal house.

There is a claim that two Vietnam’s kings - Phung Hung (761-802) and Ngo Quyen (896-944) - are said to be coming from Duong Lam. Both are said to led resistance wars against northern invasion and after winning national independence, were crowned kings. After their deaths, the local people built temples in their honor.

The ancient village consists of 5 villages so it has 5 communal houses. Doai Giap and Cam Lam communal houses dedicate to Phung Hung – the national hero who won the victory against invaders under Duong Dynasty; Cam Thinh communal house dedicates both the founder of the village and great mandarin Cao Phuc Dien – the hero under Le Dynasty. Dong Sang communal house worships the God but it was destroyed by fire but was restored by financial support from the villagers. The god Tan Vien Son was dedicated in Mong Phu communal house. So far, Mong Phu communal house is a gathering place of the villagers for cultural activities.

I have come here several times but each time has been different and every time I found different and interesting scenes to photograph. This time has been harvest time and all the village alleys and streets have been filled with rice straw to dry. Here a gallery of images of the photo tour of the Hanoi Photo Club.

Night Food

Wet alley at night