Lady Grey - and I couldn't find her details

Besides the process in developing film that most probably will save you money and definitely time in getting your images it’s not difficult to do.

Here’s the bare minimum equipment you’ll need to develop either 35mm or 120/220 film.

Developer (Liquid) for Black & White Film

Fixer (Liquid)

Developing Tank with 2 Adjustable Reels

 Developer, fixer, developing tank

Developer, fixer, developing tank

Additional things you’ll need are a room that is completely dark (a bathroom works perfectly) or a change bag, a source of clean running water, something to stir with, an old towel, and a time-keeping device.

Here’s an overview of the development process:

Pre-soak (1 minute for 35mm, 5 minutes for 120)

Developer (time varies, usually 7-12 minutes)

Stop bath (1 minute)

Fixer (5-10 minutes)

Wash (20-30 minutes)

Wetting agent (1 minute)

Dry (4-8 hours)

Congratulations! From here you can make a contact sheet, make prints, scan, tone, or anything else your heart desires.

More and detailed information about the process can be found at:

I used as a clock my iPhone with the "Massive Dev Chart Timer" which is a great help in the development process. Easy peasy, and I did it some years ago. As digital came I still took once in a while some analog images but had them developed. But here in Vietnam the service in the lab is not quite as good and I don’t like to wait too long so I decided to do it myself again. Friends brought me the essentials and to my chagrin as well three new b/w films from Lomography – “Lady Grey”. And here my problems started.

Apart from all the information about developers, times and so on I couldn’t find any possible information about this kind of film. At last I decided to use TMax 400 as someone on the internet mentioned Lady Grey was just a derivation from this film and luckily it turned out to be just good.

Now I have to look for certain for a good scanner. To look how the quality of the film might be I just hold it against my monitor and took a snapshot and developed it in PS. looks not to bad - a temple at night.

 Temple in Vietnam at night

Temple in Vietnam at night

Wet alley at night

Peace and quite