Peace and quite

I walked as I do so often around the Old Quarter  and was thinking of an old Vietnamese saying, "Ha Noi has thirty-six streets and guilds - Jam Street, Sugar Street, Salt Street ....”

There are a lot of folk songs and poems that allude to the traditional numbering of the Old Quarter's streets and especially to the number thirty-six.

It just had stopped raining, people were coming out again and sat at stalls to waiting to get their food. I was sitting in a narrow alley where motorbikes regularly whizzed by six inches from my nose and for some it seemed I practiced a Buddhist sort of equanimity. Even as a photographer it seems there are some old Bodhisattva regulations radiating peace and quite in a noisy city to me.

There was one of these old lonely yellow walls but the hectic of the city came on and chairs and tables where placed. People came drank eat and went away. But then as the sun started to settle it got quieter and the owner of the little stall suddenly has been alone with two remaining customers, each in its own thoughts …

… as I said “bodhisattva regulations radiating peace and quite” …

Quite afternoon in the Old Quarter

Lady Grey - and I couldn't find her details

Crowded streets take two