Shut up!

Although the scary October holiday season and Halloween is still ahead, I decided to do get a little bit into the creepy mood of Halloween with these featured eerie photography shoots.

I wondered if you get spooked looking at this odd mouth-less photo. If you feel like getting the creep out, be sure to stop browsing. You’ve been warned!

Due to to the gritty state of superhero films and the popularity of horror revamps lately, it's no surprise that brands are going with darker imagery. The use of macabre themes has appealed to a wide demographic who wants something a little more dangerous and controversial in their lives. It's an appealing concept for brands that can try to inject a bit of a devilish personality into products. So why not try it myself. As you see I didn't like it so much and posted the original images.



Contemporary street life in Hanoi’s Old Quarter

Vampire inspired follow up