Twighlight - Vampire - Teens - inspirated

Do you remember the grubby green monster under the bed and than it was just a long-lost shirt, about the one-eyed beast that took you if you didn't finish your evening meal. Lately, there are some new age-old monsters just around the corner — vampires.

Walking through different cities and especially in and around bookshops you can usually spot teen girls with the latest vampire-themed novels safely tucked into their bags. I have never been a fan of vampire stories and I wonder why bookstores have entire sections dedicated to these blood-sucking beauties.

They might reside around cemetries which I visited as they have quite some unique opportunities to capture.

When Twilight came out, it was instantly popular with teen girls everywhere. When the movie came out, it hit extremes worldwide. Twilight was everywhere.

Then the Vampire Diaries came out on television. For a critic, the Twilight phenomenon is a little like The Da Vinci Code crossed with James Cameron’s Titanic.

Stoker’s whole novel, might be still ringing in your ears. Stoker did not invent vampires. If we define them, broadly, as the undead—spirits who rise, embodied, from their graves to torment the living—they have been part of human imagining since ancient times. Eventually, vampire superstition became concentrated in Eastern Europe.

Vampires seems to be everywhere in different forms of art as well in photography.


So even as I don’t be a great fan of this genre I wanted to try my own approach and found a willing model “Gia LaFae” and a cool location in Germany. Here some of the images I took this month.

Cosplay, Showacts, Manga-Stars

The Casemates: Unesco World Heritage