Frankfurt: multicultural village with a modern skyline

There is just a narrow but futuristic looking skyline of high rises in Germanys leading financial market place but behind this is a town with a lot of art, culture and history. The modern skyline has been the root for the name "Mainhatten".


You might think of Frankfurt as a city for bankers and brokers which are hiding behind some of the mirrored and fancy looking skyscrapers. But just around this high buildings you will find an atmosphere which is rather old style urban or village like. Sitting in one of the many restaurants which serve the local apple wine you will find a very cosy environment. From the times of the famous poet and writer, Goethe,  this might not have changed a lot. 




On the rubble of the finished World War two remains the famous place around the old town hall has been reconstructed and builds quite a contrasting scene to the modern buildings in the background. You can find some old an history burdened buildings in Frankfurt like: Kaiserdom, Paulskirche, Goethe-Haus, the Opera and more.




This church is the birthplace of Germans democracy and is a classisistic building where 1848/1849 German members of the national congress disputed over a democratic governed German state. At this time they were neglected by prussian and austrian monarchy.




Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, born 28.08.1749, has been born here and lived through his youth in Frankfurt. The old house was bombed in World War Two but reconstructed shortly after.




A street called Zeil is the first address for any shopaholic who comes to Frankfurt. It is the usual mix of department stores, boutiques and branches of world known brands. Shopping Centers as MyZeil have distinctive futuristic looks like this world of glas with liquid form. Just around the corner you will find the "Fressgass" literally an alley to dig into food. Here you can find all the restaurants, bistros and bars which offers local and foreign specialities.  If there is fine weather you can eat and dine on many of the outdoor facilities.


One thing not to miss is the "Kleinmarkthalle", a local market with about 60 market stalls on a surface of 1500 squaremeters were you can get all the good tasting local delicacies of the region and even foreign foods. From german sausages to japanese sushi and a lot in between.

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