Cityscape of people living along the railway of Hanoi

Behind the sometimes-showy urban life in Hanoi you can find different circumstances from different sort of people like manual workers and immigrants, who have to cope with the danger from running trains every day. They are living in places, buildings and houses, which are constructed along the railway.

This place is apart the Old Quarter probably one of my favorite in Hanoi. I guess it sounds a bit exotic for westerners to see people living along the railway. It is certainly not an easy life having a train crossing just in front of your door. But people here don’t really see it anymore this way. For them it’s just part of daily life riding along the way with their brand new Vespa. The only difference for some of them compared to other parts of Hanoi is that they have to cross the railway to reach their kitchen.

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Don Xuang Night Market - Hanoi

Nursery - backdrop and prop for my ongoing photo project