Macao - UNESCO World Heritage Site

If you are in Hong Kong or Kanton or actually visiting Macao you will find apart all the fancy and new buildings and casinos a very fine cityscape from the 15th century. The Macao UNESCO World Heritag sites. Wandering around its different parts you might as well come up to Ah Ma temple, which is worth visiting.

Just before you enter you might encounter some of the old woman who always seem to be in front of the entrance to earn some money in different ways - mostly in charging tourist for taking their picture. Or you do it like I did. Wait for a group who is taking photographs of her and snap your own in between. She wasn't pleased at all.

Macau's name is derived from A-Ma-Gau or Place of A-Ma and this temple dedicated to the seafarers' goddess dates from the early 16th century.

It consists of prayer halls, pavilions and courtyards built into the hill and connected by winding paths through moon gates and tiny gardens.

At the entrance is a large rock on which is engraved a traditional sailing junk. On other boulders are carved red characters invoking the gods or repeating a prayer. There are a lot of little pathes and stairways so you don't have to stick in the masses and have your own little peace in the surroundings as well.

And if you are one of the white devils like I am you might be getting another image for free from her. After I took it she was grinning as well and as I showed her the image she was pleased. Actually I went back about a month later and presented her with a print which delighted her immensley.

So don't stay in the Casinos there is a lot to discover in the different parts of Macao and it is fun and rewarding for your visual senses.

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