Tu Duc complex

Tu Duc Tomb, Khiem Lang or Khiem tomb as known officially is the mausoleum of the fourth emperor of the Nguyen dynasty. The tomb is in Duong Xuan Thuong village near Hue city. The work to build the site had started in 1867.

The intention of Tu Duc has been to build a poetic and virtually a site of perfect beauty like an unique poem. The whole site is about 12 hectares surrounded by a 3 m high wall which surround the site on a length of 1350 meter.

The tomb faces the east and has four gates. On the North bank, in the center of a pine forest has been a shooting range of the emperor and places where he had his library, read books and embraced the panorama of the scenery. There are about 50 different architectural constructions in different locations.

The UNESCO inscribed this tomb ensemble in 1993 to its World Cultural Heritage list.

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