Point of view

Thanks everyone out on Saturday in the streets and alleys of the Old Quarter trying to get some incling of different point of views as shooting in the street.

Position, direction and height of your camera define the point of view of the image. The way your subject is perceived might be much different by changing the camera position. If you are photographing something that you want to seem very tall, arrange the shot so that the camera is looking upwards. The mood and effectiveness of a picture can be very much altered by what is in the background.


Is there a “best” point of view?

The best point of view depends on your intention. There are certain angles to take an image which makes your picture certainly more powerful. I hope everyone had some good time in exploring and trying different approaches.


Here are some of the images taken:

Photographer in action mode.

Attention cyclo ahead!

Why is he taking a picture of me?

Earluy morning praparation.

Naked truth .....


Tu Duc complex

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