Imperial Citadel of Thang Long and some recipes

No it is not about cooking even if I’m just hungry now and will go out to have a bite of tasty and fresh cooked Vietnamese food. It is about having a photo shoot at the Imperial Citadel in Hanoi.

A friend of mine wanted to have some images with Ao Dai and as I didn’t have planned anything else I happily agreed as shooting some Vietnamese fashion with nice girls is a no brainer.


Weather was OK but not great and apart from the fitting location of gritty and old walls and the contrast of lovely ladies in front is already a good choice the light has been so so.

I didn’t have assistance and bringing along a lot of gear had been out of option this time because as a professional you are charged more than as a regular tourist. So I opted just for my Nikon D3s, my new on the go lens 28 to 300mm and off I was.


I got images as good as possible in camera but already something started to brew in my mind. As with food you can get the best and fresh things which taste on its own very well it is sometimes even better if they are prepared with some spices and different herbs.

So I decided to enhance some of the images with NIK Software. There is exactly one thing I love about Nik’s Color Efex Pro 4 - it is the ability to save my own – so-called - recipes. I love to ‘cook’ and create my food and in the same way I like to add different filters on top of each other to get it to where I like it.


The fun of all this is that you can save that look to apply to future images that might be similar in style or subject matter. I think this is an excellent way to jumpstart a body of work that has the same treatment or to create some visual work, which relates to your taste.

As creativity, taste and approach of anyone are very different I nevertheless would like to hear your constructive opinion on the treatment I gave the images that will be posted in a while. Here just some behind the scene images and the first of a series which will follow.


Imperial Citadel of Thang Long

heavy rain turns street - land under