The world seen at a different angle

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to change the view of the human mind into thinking it’s seeing something other than reality.  With tilt and shift photography the subjects in the photographs look like incredibly detailed miniatures.  If you are looking closer, you’ll see that this isn’t some Lego or play mobile time but real-life scenes made to look like tiny models.

Aerial views of cities are well-suited to this special photography. The blurring at the edges of the photograph simulates the effect of a macro lens on a much smaller field and gives your brain the impression to look on a miniature city.

To find the right subject and the right lighting is otherwise the only secret you have to find and off you go. Apart from dedicated tilt and shift lenses there is as well the post processing possibility in PS and other software editions.

If you don't have a lens, just borrow one for a weekend and try it. It is real fun!

Here some images of Hong Kong 'en miniature':

Hong Kong Tram


I like to ride my bycicle

roof garden of the International Finance Center

ongoing work in Central - Star Ferry area

Nightlife in Hanoi

Life is simple, it is just not easy!