Thua Thien Hue Province

Thua Thien Hue Province is submitted to a tropical monsoon climate, which can give you some problems at least a lot of sweating. The area has a rich historical past and is very attractive beginning with the magnificent Hue Citadel, the imperial tombs and sumptous beaches nearby.

The construction of the imperial city itself started in 1805 under the reign of Emperor Gia Long and has been completed in 1832. The Royal Citadel has ten different entrances and the Imperial enclosure four gates. As I entered the Imperial enclosure I could use the west gate (Chuong Duc, gate aof virtue).

The Chuong Duc gate leads to the southwest part of the Imperial city, right to the To Mieu temple. Thought it is not the main gate, it is the most beautiful one as it underwent a complete restoration in 2003. It was built in 1804. The gate leads to the southwest part of the city, right to the Hưng Tổ Miếu (Temple of the Resurrection). The beauty of this architectural gate can impress with a huge number of unique details.. This link will show you a panoramic view of the gate and its surrounding.

Nursery - backdrop and prop for my ongoing photo project

Ngọ Môn - the Gate of Noon