Nightlife in Hanoi

There is certainly more than one approach to see something about the "Nightlife" in Hanoi. As I was walking home today at about 9 pm the Nightlife as some might have imagined didn't even start - nevertheless the life into the Night started.

As temperature rises in the last week and days the nocturnal life is happening even more in the streets and back alleys of the Vietnamese capital.

Walking along the shopping streets which are well lit I happened to pass one shop which I reported six month ago. The 'Catwalk" which has some live models presenting Hanoi Fashion wear.

Somehow they looked already a little be stressed. May be too much tourists had already taken the photo toll out of them.

Turning around towards West Lake I got in some of the darker areas of the City which gave me some good photographic opportunities of interesting alleys and friends cutting their hairs and saving the money for the hairdresser.

Last but not least I reache one of the areas where you nearly can eat around the clock and met a nice French Lady and an Italian guy travelling through Asia. Interestingly enough they plan to go by bike from Hanoi towards HCMC. I wish them a good ride and a lot of fun. Hoepefully I can get some of their adventures if they contact me again.

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