Low Light Photography

Last weekend has been like a photographic marathon from a photowalk through different srtisan villages to Fashion shooting at the Red River, Hanoi, Vietnam to last but not least low light photography at Hoan Kiem Lake. Different light situations, different subjects and different thinking has been on the tablet for each participating photographer.


As we started at about 7pm at Hoan Kiem Lake we had right ahead some issues with focusing, different colors due to different light sources and blurry images. With today cameras you can crank up your ISO and in this way getting a lot more leeway on the shutter speed and if you have a fast lens than even handheld captures are possible and a way to go. This time we wanted to take images at the lowest ISO setting and taking some long exposure shots. We actually brought our tripods but none of us had thought of bringing a remote or cable release.

Unfortunately I had mine put out of the bag and now it was worthless staying at home. A challenge to overcome. So we tested the mirror up positions and pushed very gently on the trigger button and one or the other of the images came out quite well. As I have a very sturdy tripod I decided to try the self timer mode on my camera and this went very well.

One of our participants couldn't get the a sharp image as hard as trying. After some digging in the camera menue we found as well the self timer and from this point on the images got an incredible boost in sharpness. Sometimes even the slightest movement will give you a blurry image because of camera shake.


We will do this once more in the next time and hopefully have our gear ready than. Here some images of this evening and a link to a great site with a lot of information not only on low light photography.



low light photography
Snapsort's Low Light Photography Infographic

Sony NEX 7 with Voigtlaender Nokton f 1.2 Asperical

Dai Bai village - a village full of metal work