Tam Dao National Park

Tam Dao north of Hanoi seems to be an ideal summer tourist site located above 900 m above sea level and approx. 86 km from the capital. The Tam Dao Mountainside is 80 km long and 10 to 15 km wide. There are three peaks Ban Thach (1388 m), Thien Nhi (1375m) and Pu Nghia (1400m) which immerse like three islets of the mountainside. The weather is much cooler all year round than in Hanoi and has fresh, pure and cooling air as well as a beautiful scenery.


Bird watching, hiking, visiting a near by waterfall (Bac –Silverwaterfall), Mother Goddess Temple and a near by bear rescue station for moon bears are the tourists sightings you could dive into.


Tam Dao Nationalpark has five types of tropical forest. The flora consists of about 900 species of which 64 are listed in Vietnams Red Book. You could find about 300 species living here of which 56 are in the Red Book ( 22 mammal, 17 reptile species, 9 bird species, 7 amphibian and the remaining are insects).


In the area are as well some other attractions like temples including Chan Suoi, Dau, Ca, Thong, Dong Co and others. The last one contains two valuable bronze statues. There is a large Zen monastery in Truc Lam Tay Thien.


Here some images of the Bear Rescue Center, Tam Dao Temple and surroundings and of some of our photographers at this fun outing.


Addiction might be guaranteed

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