Kuala Lumpur

According to travel guides Kuala Lumpur is not only Malaysia’s capital but also the cultural and financial centre of this East Asian country. In this multi-cultural city you will find interesting attractions from many different cultures and religions.

One of them the Petronas Towers are the most impressive icon of Kuala Lumpur.  They are visible from just about everywhere in the city, and dominate the night sky.

The Petronas Towers are the centerpiece of a larger complex called the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC. This site is well located in the heart of the commercial district of the city, the ‘Golden Triangle’.

Each of the twin towers is eighty-eight storey’s high. They rise to a height of 452 meters of ground. A sky bridge at the forty-first and forty-second floors connects the two towers. You can find here the Petroleum Discovery Centre, an art gallery, an 865-seat concert hall and a multimedia conference centre.

The architecture in Kuala Lumpur is as variable as its history. Public buildings, housing estates, mosques, churches and Buddhist and Hindu temples grace the city alongside skyscrapers and modern high-rise buildings.

You can find the British ‘Raj’ style from India combined with features of Mughal Indian architecture next to Chinese ‘shophouses’ , Christian churches, mosques, Hindu and Chinese pagoda temples.

But the cityscape of modern Kuala Lumpur is definitely defined by the towering tourist attraction of the Petrona Twin Towers.

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