Eco Tourism in Hanoi

To enhance the touristic value of the West Lake a local company has introduced a new service with about 30 electric cars running along a 18 km route around the West Lake.


This project deploys electric cars along West Lake road. Tourists can go to stations which are located in public areas such as playgrounds, gardens and attractions along the route.

If you are inclined to take this scenic West Lake, you can visit landscape monuments such as the Tran Quoc Pagoda, Temple Vong Thi and others.

This  project aims to create conditions for Tay Ho district as a potential promoting possibility for eco-tourism to domestic and foreign tourists. It is a project on an experimental time line, which will be evaluated by the Department of Justice and The People’s Committee of Hanoi.

According to the planned route, there will be 10 stations and 35 stops. Besides the West Lake, the Old Quarter is the only other place in Hanoi with electric car service for tourists.


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