Chula House at Vietnam Fashion Week

When you got to know this fashion brand you surely look to something unique to wear. The clothes are handmade and there are always different patterns and embroidery to make each piece exclusive. 

All  clothes are designed by Diego, a Spanish architect who brilliantly put his imagination into his new designs for the Summer 2013 collection. Laura is his wife and muse and if you ever visit their shop you'll find that she is as well vibrant and enthusiastic and always helping to find the perfect dress for any occasion, no matter your size or shape. Just one thing to keep in mind:

if you are wearing a Chula piece you will stand out and everyone will stare at you!

Here are some images from parts of the new collection for Summer 2013 shown at the Vietnam Fashion show on 8.12.12.

Mai Chau Documentary

Parisian charm in Hanoi