Mei Chau in Vietnam

Mai Chau is located in Hoa Binh province, approximately 135 km from Hanoi and 60 km from Hoa Binh. The main sights you’ll get are stilt houses at both sides of the road. The houses are large decked with palm leaf roofs and polished bamboo-slat floors. The kitchen is usually located in the center of the house. They produce some colorful designs and fabrics.

There is a Sunday market that brings a lot of people into town. There are different minorities living in the mountains of Mai Chau and all of them flock to the market to sell their specific products: honey, bananas, corn, and tho cam (special color and fabric) made by skilled Thai women. The Sunday market is also an occasion to enjoy traditional Thai dishes and to participate in traditional dances.

Mai Chau is a good base for some trekking tours to the villages around. Homestay overnight on the traditional houses are always a good option. You can especially enjoy the minority dishes including rice cooked in bamboo and grilled meat. As well as watching traditional dancing, music performances (bronze, drums, gongs), and Thai minority singing and dancing.

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