Mai Chau Documentary

Creating a compelling documentary on your own is not so easy. Most videographers learn very early that it is best to work in a team. Different to photography it is not a one man show.

Here are some ideas for a first feature documentary project:

1)     Make a trailer  to raise funds for your project, a trailer – a very well done trailer — is essential.  It helps as well in building an audience at an early stage.

2)     Think right at the start who might be your primary audience? This helps to determine the content, style and length of your film.

3)     Use your own music – Unless there is a very specific reason to use a specific piece of music, it can be a huge hassle and expense to obtain music rights.

4)     Funding –  Find people who are interested in the subject of your film and want to support your project.  Kickstarter and IndyGoGo are two great ways to help in your fundraising efforts.

5)      If you have hopes of submitting your film to Sundance or any of the other big film festivals, be aware that most of them require an exclusive first showing in order to be accepted.  

Here is a link that tells the story of how a group of committed healthcare professionals gave their time and expertise to bring medical care to remote villages in the Mai Chau Highlands, Northern Vietnam.

As I have been there lately I got some footage of an old lady (70 years) who lives in an old shackle directly on the fields. Her children are either in one of the neighboring villages or as her son in Hanoi. She didn't have an easy live but she seemed quite content and her style of leaving kept her healthy and in good humor.

Women in b/w

Chula House at Vietnam Fashion Week