Photography - Hanoi - Autumn

When you walk through Hanoi's street just now you know it is autumn. The weather is fine and dry and people are getting out of their homes more easily than ever. What I see is cameras, cameras, cameras …

Photographers around Hoan Kiem Lake

You can get the impression, that half of the city's population is out with there digital cameras, another third with their phones. Photography seems to be everywhere. The photos taken don't take long to find their way into Facebook, Flickr, Google plus or the Vietnamese site

Photography is a hot trend in Vietnam. With the easy accessibility nowadays photography is much more immediate than ever. Photos can be taken anywhere at any time and its getting closer to see it as a real life stream. Instead of meeting for a coffee people come together to visit interesting places and shooting away with there equipment from professional to amateur and conversing in this way about different aspects of life.

woman in the Old Quarter

It can be frustrating at times when you don't get what you see but as digital is cheap and the actual photo taking costs nothing people learn more easily and faster. Photography is all about practice. The more you practice and the more you get involved with the craft the better your photos will be. Henri Cartier-Bresson a French photographer said: Your first 10,000 images are the worst.

cat on a tree

The cameras which are used can be totally different and it doesn’t matter. It is always in the eye of the beholder what she/he wants to show us. Everything depends much more on composition, good timing and patience. As long as you know the basics and practice a lot your improvement will be guaranteed.  Your images should be made in your mind and after you are certain how they should look try to get them with your equipment into the two dimensional world. Your pictures should most likely be an extension of your thoughts about the world, a way for you to speak visually.   

carving stamps in the Old Quarter

I believe that the best and most effective technology upgrade one can make is to increase your skill, aptitude, and knowledge of your devices and tools - that is the best you can do. I think that learning how to use what you already have will have a greater and more lasting impact than everything else.

fruit seller in Hanoi

Look at the preferences and settings of your gear. You might be astonished about the additional features there and once in a while find something you have been looking for. Force yourself to restrictions. In other words, just use the technology you got and try harder to accomplish what you want to achieve. How to get the job done? How to create your special image?

Just try and astonish the others! That is what we tried at our walk through the Old Quarter with the Hanoi Photo club. Enjoy!

narrow alley at night

Long Bien Bridge

bear rescue centre

Hanoi Photo Club at a forge