Night Food

You  can find plenty of luxury restaurants in Hanoi but on street level, served by vendors with nothing more than a burner and a few plastic stools you might get the same sometimes even better dishes.


The local Hanoian don’t mind driving a long way to the stalls to get their favorite dishes. You can find some of these food corners on Tung Duy Tan Street and as well in the Old Quarter at Dinh Liet where you have plenty of pho, bun, fried rice and alike. Or Luong Dinh Cua Street for snail, oyster and sea food lovers.

The most common dish in Hanoi is pho and one of the best pho can be found at Pho Nguyen Khuyen near the Literature Temple at Pho Thin, 13 Lo Duc Street or as well on Bat Dan where you can find people queing to get a seat and their pho.


As the cold days are ahead you might want to have a share of one other popular evening dish: “Ga tan thuoc bac” – chicken simmered in Chinese medical herbs. It is apart from a delicious dish as well a cure for colds and flu. Try it at Cay Si Restaurant in Tong Duy Tan Street.

Whatever you like there are plenty of street side stalls to be found and nothing can be more comforting than smelling and tasting the different food possibilities under the soft street lights in the Old Quarter and washing them down with a good Hanoi beer.

Out in sunshine,back in rain

Duong Lam - Ancient Village