Alienated Sensory Mashup

So we were supposed pairing up and taking photographic and audio on our way through town. The catch certainly is to make sound recordings whilst blindfolded which of course will lead to different consequences as your partner is your eye and you have to trust him. Normally it was like: Ears will dictate the pace of the journey and say when they want to stop and make dedicated “sound-mark” recordings, but as I had to ask a friend …

I thought to get somewhere out of Hanoi where it is quieter and not as loud as the ongoing sounds in Hanoi.

As I am without a phonar partner I asked a friend – wrong decision as it turned out.

He brought me to a mall in the outskirts of Hanoi. So far so good - blindfolded me - and we walked to the mall. My thought had been to get some unusual sounds in the mall as suddenly the door opened and …

Here is a short clip and some images of the competition at Savico Megamall on the 17. October 2012 that shows off the talent and skills of the DJs in the country where he dared to bring me. As I didn’t know how to repeat the journey without “ears” I started afterwards to shoot as well parts of the event.

Seems to be a sheeting but as I don’t have the time to repeat I go with it. Here some more information:

The DJs from all parts of the country participated in the competition and have been watched by thousands of people.

DJ, or disc jockey, is a Jamaican musical term from the 1950s, but its current form and meaning developed after it was imported into the US from end of the 1960s. In Vietnam, DJs stated becoming popular in the late 1990's. The first Vietnam Digital DJ Battle took place in 2010 and is held in different venues over the years.

“Unphotographable Phiction”

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