Blurb offer to get a free ebook

Blurb had send me an offer to create a free eBook for the iPad some time ago and I nearly forgot it. Yesterday I got a reminder that it will be free for the next three days. Not much time and I am really busy at work but I couldn't resist to test it. It is free I thought - why not give it a try. So I produced a little piece of mixed images around contemporary street life but called it Street Photography anyway. If you are interested have a look - and as it has been created for free it will be given freely as well.

Have fun!

Author: Kiribane

Title: Contemporary Life in Asia

Subtitle: Street Photography


Street Photography especially in Asian Countries. Nowadays everyone seems to be a street photographer. consistency, dedication, patience and a lot more will help you to reach your goal

 Click on the title and it will get you to blurb

Click on the title and it will get you to blurb

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