A Glimpse of autumn

Autumn in Hanoi can be dreamlike, when a gentle and soft breeze ripples Hoan Kiem Lake and the sun cast golden stripes over leaves and people passing by. Life seems to grow more romantic as the intense heat of summer is forgotten. The good weather in October is dragging all people out in and around the Old Quarter to embrace life anew.

Hoan Kiem lake in the golden hour

I am still amazed about all the different scenes the Old Quarter has to offer each day. Strolling down the alleys you can find new things every day. A lot of little shops offer products with outstanding craftsmanship. A lot of old buildings have been destroyed and changed due to the turbulent history but there are still quite a bunch of old and even ancient buildings left.

Hanoi House in the Old Quarter

One main tourist attraction that remains at the heart of Hanoi for centuries is Quan Chuong Gate at Hoan Kiem Lake with its scarlet Hus Bridge. Especially now in autumn you will see a lot of couples taking wedding photos beside the lake. This is scenery to remember, the dreamy gowns of new brides posing for photos, veterans sitting on benches and appreciating the view around them.

Here and in the Old Quarter it seems everything can coexist and thrive. There are cramped restaurants just for a few customers and nearby luxurious ones. A melting pot of influences, old folks, young girls dressed in traditional Ao Dai, tourists, hectic traffic – Autumn enfolds Hanoi and the colors are changing like the temperature.

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Out in sunshine,back in rain