Long Bien Bridge former called Doumer Bridge

The Long Bien Bridge has originally been designed by Gustave Eiffel. It was built in 1903 by the architects of Daydé & Pillé. Before the independence  in 1954, it was known under the name Doumer Bridge, in honor of Paul Doumer - a Governor-General of French Indochina and then French president. 

Though designed by French it was built by Vietnamese workers with local materials.  It was, at that time, the first steel bridge across the Red River and one of the four longest bridges with the length of 2,500 m in the world.

It was heavily bombarded during Vietnam War and the defense of Long Bien Bridge continues to play a large role in the self-image and is often extolled in poetry and song in Vietnams history. 

The bridge now stands like a patched-up symbol for resistance. Some parts are still from the original structure other sections have been built later to repair some holes. The bridge is a strong visual expression of history. 

Trains, mopeds, bicycles and pedestrians are allowed to use the bridge. Here are some images I took lately.

Time Tunnel in Shanghai

What to do on a kind of misty, rainy day…….